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Kurt Eyre, Director


With 26 years of knowledge and experience gained in the global security, training and development sectors, Kurt has developed a principled and determined leadership, work and team ethic in helping improve individual and organisational performance and accountability.

Kurt has a proven ability to build and develop trusted, effective and adaptive business partnerships, programmes and teams in the fields of professional leadership, training, operational practice and organisational development. As former head of the UK College of Policing's international security and development capability and head of centre for the Police Staff College Bramshill, Kurt is dedicated to delivering integrated professional development and partnership services that enhance citizen safety across the public, private and academic sectors supporting global policing, national security, justice, stability and development.

Key achievements have included leading a multifaceted and commercially viable public sector policing consultancy that delivered locally relevant and sustainable leadership, operational and technical policing training services for multiple national, European and international Government and Policing departments and organisations, including Interpol and the United Nations. Masters qualified in international security sector management, he played an intrinsic role on behalf of both the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and UK national policing in the systematic review, research, development and coordination of the UK government’s international policing governance and training assistance programming for over 11 years.

Kurt was also a co-designer of the internationally respected pan-EU and Canadian executive-level Master Class for strategic policing advisors, as well as being the UK representative of the European Police College Governing Board (CEPOL) and founding member of Interpol’s International Training Advisory group.

Kurt also worked within the private and not-for-profit sectors in leadership development, relationship management and organisational performance. Prior to that, he completed a Commission with the Royal Marines involving several international operational tours and various command appointments.

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We are constantly striving to uphold the highest professional standards, providing sound advice that rigorously maintains our independence. We provide honest insight, challenge assumptions and make use of the latest thinking and research to strengthen the delivery of our solutions.



We respect people for who they are and for their knowledge, skills, abilities and experience as individuals and team members. We work alongside our clients and continually learn and improve from our collective experiences.



We care about our clients’ needs and seek to work with them to bring out the best in each other to create a strong working relationship that helps build local and organisational capability. We celebrate success with our clients with understated pride.



We are passionate about what we do and enjoy providing innovative solutions that make a tangible and positive difference. We act professionally and approach each day with drive and enthusiasm to make a project a success and exceed expectations.



We are open and honest in our communication – sharing information, insight and advice constructively, managing tough situations with courage and candour, asking for help when it’s needed, willing to learn from our mistakes and put things right to ultimately do what we said we would do.