Assessing & Structured Interviewing Programmes

The accuracy and fairness of any assessment can only ever be as good as the quality and effectiveness of the assessors. With this in mind, ensuring that any assessors, including interviewers, used within a selection process are properly trained and skilled should be the first priority but it is often overlooked, leading to challenges and perceptions of unfairness from candidates.  

Our assessor and structured interviewing learning programmes have been designed to combine the underpinning theoretical knowledge with practical experience to enable individuals to make fair, objective and evidence based assessment decisions in line with best practice.

Assessing & Structured Interviewing Programmes

We offer three different programmes designed to meet the specific needs of the organisation that also complement the assessor training requirements set out in British Psychological Society’s ‘Standards on the design and delivery of Assessment Centres’ and the International Standard 10667. Key benefits that these programmes include:

  • Increase the accuracy of assessment decisions – identifying the right people, first time.
  • Reduce the possibility of unconscious bias impacting on assessment decisions.
  • Improve the candidate experience and their perceptions of the assessment.
  • Produce accessible and meaningful feedback to support the on-going personal development.

These programmes have also been designed to provide evidence of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for learners.


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